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Cristin from Gurley, AL 

Saddle Sling Lite

I didn’t see where to leave a review on your site so wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your product!  I have to tote my saddle each time I ride and hated leaving it on the pommel or having to lug a bulky and heavy makeshift stand that I have for the car.  This is AMAZING and a must have for anyone that can’t leave their saddle at the barn!  Super fast shipping too. Thanks again and I’ll recommend it to all my friends.

Jessica from Gaithersburg, MD

Multipel Slings

Super happy with my first Saddle Sling, and now that I added a second saddle, getting another Saddle Sling was my first stop! Thanks for the great and innovative product!

Stephanie from Annapolis MD

Saddle Sling Lite

So I've been looking for a way to transport my saddle in my truck or car that doesn't take up a whole lot of space and I finally found it! The Saddle Sling is my new best friend! Now I don't have to rest my beautiful CWD on its pommel in my back seat! I can also take it down in 2 seconds and throw it under my seat or place it in the back pocket of my driver/passenger seat and it doesn't take up any room in my vehicle! Thank you for the excellent customer service and fast shipment and delivery!

Stacey from Oswego, Il

Saddle Sling Lite

Thank you so much. Fast shipping, just as described and saving my saddle from having to rest on it's pommel all the time.

Paige from Sharon OH

Saddle Sling XL

I love my Saddle Sling! I ordered the heavy duty one because I show both English & Western.

Betsy from Lexington, KY

Multiple Slings

I'm an eventer and only have room for one of my saddles in my barn locker, The Saddle Sling protects my other saddles that have to live in my car. It was actually much simpler to install than I originally thought!

Mary from Charlemont MA

Saddle Sling Lite

I love my new Saddle Sling! So easy to install and carries my saddle beautifully. So nice knowing my saddle is being transported properly!

Kristen from Rutland, MA

Saddle Sling Lite

We LOVE it! This is something we always struggled with and knew there had to be a solution out there somewhere. My daughter is anal about her saddles and keeping them safe and scratch free, this allows us to go back and forth to the barn with no worries! It fits perfectly in the back seat of my F-150.

Janice from Hanover NH

Saddle Sling Lite

Overall, I quite like it! I much prefer slinging up my saddles than throwing them in a heap in the back!

Deborah from Chelsea, MI

Multiple Slings

love them! I bought two Saddle Slings as I have two very different dressage horses and needed two saddles. At the time I bought them, my barn was transitioning from one location to another and I had to have all my tack and supplies in my little car (a little Chevy Cruze) they worked great and now I have them ready to go anytime I'm heading to a show! Great Product!

Hannah from Telford PA

Saddle Sling Lite

It works amazing! Never had my saddle fall off. Very Secure. It doesn't even really swing if you have it installed properly. Best product on the market.